Want To Write For Us?

Want to write for Wolph?

Our Audience: Wolph360 caters to outdoor, fitness and travel enthusiasts hungry for quality information on improving their performance, health and lifestyle enrichment. So, research or experienced-based information(with citations, references or credentials) is a requirement for a valid submission.

Content Preferences: Summaries of latest research papers on sports, health or wellness, travel stories or tips based on experience, relevant product recommendations based on experience, dietary tips based on expertise or 2nd-hand research.

Submission Process: Submit your request & ideas via the dedicated form here ( alternate forms of submissions/requests won't be considered) and Upon agreement on the topic, a unique Google Doc link will be sent to you via email, for article writing.

Review and Publication: Articles should range from 1000 to 2000 words, or shorter if highly specific. Clear, well-researched content with contextual images/gifs, examples, and limited to three do-follow links is expected.  Editorial review with suggestions for revisions will be provided; if over 50% revision is required, a fresh submission is requested. Once approved, publishing occurs within 7 business days. 

Expectations: Original, well-written, and insightful content, avoiding articles that seem forced. Authors must showcase expertise, demonstrate thorough research, and employ clear headings, subheadings, and captions. 

Author Information: Authors must provide a short 20-30 word bio, with a profile photograph to go with their submitted article. Bio must demonstrated credentials or experience relevant to their article topic.

Promotion: The article may be promoted on all Wolph social media channels. Author may also promote on their preferred channels, as they see fit.

Post-Publication Permissions: Exclusive publishing rights; authors can re-post the article elsewhere, crediting the original publication on our website.