Wolph's Comfort Foot Varicosity Swelling Relief Socks

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If you've ever stayed in your hiking boots for more than 12 hours in the moutains, then you would definitely be familiar with atleast one form of pain or the other on some part of your feet.

Or maybe you are an avid traveller, a backpacker or a wandering, constantly on the move. Or perhaps a sports person, engaged in frequent sporting activities, keeping your feet encased in your training boots.

It gets even worse when it happens on a regular basis, such that the absence of proper care could even result in some fungus infection or another. Leading to even more greater problems and an even greater hole in your pocket for treatments and remedy.

Why not be a step ahead and prevent all these, before they even begin? - Most people wear socks which helps, but regular socks won't do to prevent issues such as Swelling or Plantar Fasciitis, these Super Socks will. Here are some of its features :

  • Great air Permeability/Breathability
  • Reduces Swelling and Symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis
  • Eases Heel Discomfort throughout the day
  • Soothes Aching of the feet
  • Boosts Blood Circulation in the Feet

Been available in 3 different sizes for adults, these are guaranteed to provide the perfect fit for most adults and provide a much needed relief and protection against a variety of foot problems, encountered by athletes and those constantly on the move.

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